375 N. Eagle Street
Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54902
Main Office: (920) 424-4090
Student Services/Attendance: (920) 424-4092 ext 3003
Fax Number: (920) 424-4950 


To have all students achieve academic and social success.


At Oshkosh West High School we believe in the success of all students. We are willing to work collaboratively together to provide quality opportunities for our students to learn. We willingly agree to change so that all students will succeed.

Because we believe that all students can be successful and because we share common values of:

INTEGRITY: Honesty, Truthfulness and Reliability
CANDOR: Straightforwardness, Openness and Sincerity
ENERGY: Clarity and Focus
PASSION: Enthusiasm and Excitement
DEDICATION: Commitment and Sincerity